From: (unknown)
Subject: [lpaz-discuss] "Metropolis" at Madstone Theaters in Chandler
Date: Sat, 16 Nov 2002 01:03:40 EST

In case anyone is interested, the 1928 silent picture classic "Metropolis" 
is now playing at Madstone Theatres on Ray and Kyrene Roads in Chandler. This 
classic film was made by Fritz Lang in the 1920s, was considered the most 
expensive film ever made for that time and is known to be the first science 
fiction movie. 
The film has a libertarian tinge to it and has been re-released by Kino 
Films due to some additional footage being added as a result of a new 
restoration of the movie having been undertaken by Kino. 
seemed to give "Metropolis" a favorable review.
Once its country-wide run is complete January 17th 2003, the new version of 
Metropolis will be released on VHS and DVD by Kino.

Film Website:

Madstone Theaters Review:

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